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Exclusive Interview: Kevin Douglas, WWE TV

1.What's your name & Where are you from?

My name is Kevin Douglas and I'm from Toronto.

2. How long have you been working in the entertainment industry?

I've been working in the entertainment industry for a long time, but I will say on the serious level of making moves about  12 years. I use to manage one of Canada's biggest rap groups ever and followed that managing other artists after. This eventually led me to what I am doing now.

3. What inspired you to get into the industry?

I always loved music and entertainment. I grew up in a musically gifted family seeing my father (who was a Soca artist), uncles (who sang reggae), brother (who raps), sister (who raps and sings), and cousin (who raps) all creating music. They inspired me along with seeing stories like The Jackson 5 and how people like Michael Jackson could entertain and touch your spirit. It all made me all in love with the business.

4. What were you favorite tv shows growing up?

My favorite tv shows growing up included all the classics from the 80's and 90's. Comedies in particular that ranged from the classic Cosby Show to Different World to Martin to even In Living Color. Even as a youngster I could appreciate the art of something before my time such as shows as Three's Company and even sports entertainment such as the WWF now known as WWE which partly inspired the idea behind WWETV.  I loved how that empire perfected one field, but then expanded into other areas of entertainment. That is what I plan on doing with this organization. Create stars out of artists and our hosts that become household names.

5. Who are your industry idols, if any?

Industry idols would include Vince Mcmahon. As I stated in the last answer. I loved how he would enhance his personalities and make them larger than life on the screen especially during the 1980's when he was building the empire he has today. 8I loved how he also had to reinvent his company when the times were changing in the 1990's and created stars to compete with the stars who left him during the 1980's. Of course, he needed the right talent and people around him to accomplish this goal and I believe the team that WWETV is continually building we may end up becoming an entertainment worldwide juggernaut as the WWE itself. I also would say The Jacksons as I mentioned above with Michael in particular because of the way he wanted to become the best entertainer in the world and he achieved that goal breaking records. Another person is Tupac Shakur. The way he came from nothing, but always remembered to keep a message amongst the chaos of this world and the entertainment world has always inspired me. His dedication to his people and conviction I always admired. The same with Bob Marley. All these men have that special "it" factor to touch the inner cities around the world, but also inspire people of different backgrounds.

6. What prompted you to create your show and how did you come up with the idea?

I also always searching online for ways to improve the product. I look at ways how someone could be enhanced even further that has that raw talent. A lot of the times we also get contacted by e-mail by hosts trying to break into the business and I think they see Worldwide Entertainment TV is a place to break ground. The search is constant as the entertainment business is always moving in a fast paced way. It is the only way to keep up.

7. You have a large amount of Caribbean cancer and African continent, how do you keep up with the international Music scene?

Being from Toronto, a lot of people in the entertainment industry in terms of urban entertainment have Caribbean or African backgrounds. In my case, I have the West Indian background that keeps me in tune with what places like Jamaica or Trinidad are up to which even top artists such as Rihanna do to keep in touch with their roots. It's quite interesting to see how something from those islands would be hot long before a mainstream entertainment entity would catch on. Being Worldwide Entertainment TV, I believe we should tap into that market that doesn't only consist of North America or Europe. A lot of people who are the demographic for our form of entertainment have roots in Africa and the Caribbean, so it is only a good fit adding that content from those areas for our viewers.

8. You guys are located in Atlanta in 2Pac’s building? What's that like?

Well we officially just announced we have our new headquarters at Legacy Garden formerly known as the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center For The Arts. In Season 1 Episode 1, you will see the owner Jim Burnett who bought the Center from Tupac's mother Afeni Shakur explain the essence of the landmark and its plans for the future.

9.  Is that how you got the rare unreleased Tupac footage?

No, we got the footage from people who either knew Tupac or had some kind of link that was connected to these footage. People who are donating and wanting to help keep the legacy of Tupac Shakur in tact for future generations.

10. Who are some of the celebrities that you have interview so far?

We have recently interviewed Dominic Santana who portrayed Suge Knight the former manager and label head for Tupac's music label Deathrow Records. Our WWETV LA branch was responsible for having that great interview put together. I encourage everyone to watch Season 1 Episode 1 to hear what Dominic Santana has to say about the movie "All Eyez On Me" and his thoughts on Tupac Shakur. A lot of the critics praised his portrayal of the controversial music mogul. During the promo run for the movie, we also had a freelancer interview Ice T about the Tupac biopic "All Eyez On Me".

11. You have lots of live performances from top hip hop and reggae artist but how do you get so much backstage footage, you must really be connected?

Yeah, we are somewhat connected through our hosts for events such as the Ruff Ryders Reunion Red Carpet which you will see in the first episode of Season 1. Our host Ms. Goldi has a radio show in Atlanta and is also known as Yonkers 1st Lady in New York. Having that title it was obvious her connection with some of The Ruff Ryders camp. You can see on our official youtube channel and website Ms. Goldi on stage with DMX in a moving reunion.

12. What been your favorite episode so far?

Well, I would have to say our BET Weekend coverage live from Los Angeles is our biggest feat yet. We were granted access to cover some of the events of that weekend and live performances of major label stars such as Cardi B, Young M.A., and even catch glimpses of DJ Khaled. Viewers can watch the coverage in the first episode we air on Roku and Apple TV through Nu Television Network.

13. Who are some of the artists that you think we should be on the lookout for?

Well, we have been contacted by some big artists who want to be interviewed for our Worldwide Web Series that takes place in official youtube studios in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and the United Kingdom. The issue sometimes is getting booking time each month for each city as the slots are very limited. All I will say is stay tuned this Season to your screens.

14. Why do you think people should watch your show?

People should watch the show because of the way you never know what to expect or what you will see. For instance in episode 2, we will give viewers a glimpse of the history of Toronto's hip hop scene and the major players who helped pave the way for some of the biggest mainstream stars today such as Drake and The Weeknd.

We also like to educate the people, while at the same time entertain them. We believe also in having talent get recognized on our platform who do not see the light shed on them in other outlets. Episode 2 we do just that with the founding entertainers such as Michie Mee, Maestro Fresh Wes, The Dream Warriors, Choclair, Bishop Brigante, The Smugglaz and more.

We also touch upon how they paved the way for what the Toronto scene has today with the likes of Pressa who recently toured with Drake and Robin Banks who was recently in the hip hop news outlets across North America after being shot. We delve into the background of his neighborhood through the artist Sticky Green who originally helped put the Jane and Finch street rap scene on the map in Canada.

With us you get to see stuff from a worldwide perspective and get to see what happens not only in the cities where we have correspondents which include the aforementioned cities, but also across the globe.
It's this mixture of entertainment is what has led to big companies approaching us to cover their events and sponsor us. In turn we have become sponsors for companies as well. We are the Official Media Platform for Legacy Garden which will be the future home of the new Tupac statue. We are the official sponsors for the Atlanta Spartans sports team as well where you will see entertainment from that athletic field as well.

15. How do you balance family and filming? How do you balance family and filming?

Right now there is no balance in terms of the top rung of the company. We are constantly working 24/7 as we have content sent to us daily and also have our own curated content. It's fine though with the hard work as we are seeing it pay off every few months with something big happening that gives us more reach to more viewers.

It's the price you got to pay to succeed in the competitive field of entertainment. Hopefully, one day the balance would tip the other way after we have strongly got a foothold on the industry and become one of the big players. Until then, we will work 24/7 to try to bring the best interviews and coverage of entertainment news and events that we possibly can with the small staff we have at the moment.

16. What do you think about the Nu TV network?

We are very thankful for the Nu Television Network giving us another platform to get our product out there to the people. It allows the artists who believe in our product to reach more eyeballs and it also helps those who want to be in entertainment get a chance to be seen and heard who normally wouldn't with other outlets.

We plan on only getting better quality content and entertaining more viewers through the new distribution deal with Nu Television Network. We promise to keep doing what we have that has endeared us with viewers along with improving in areas that will make us stronger which in turn can help those who come to us for exposure be more visible to the masses.

17. Was it hard putting together a cast and crew being an indie producer?

Yes, it has been hard putting together a team with limited funds. We have a very dedicated small team who work very hard to bring viewers the entertainment they will see this season on Apple TV and Roku TV through The Nu Tv Network. We hopefully could grow and we could better maintain and improve our work through more connections we could create.

18. Who are your host?

Who are your host in are there any mostly tune. The team we have is scattered across North America and Europe. In America, we have Ms. Goldi aka Yonkers 1st Lady who I mentioned above. She has been quite busy not just doing our interviews for both New York and Atlanta, but also getting us some of the deals you have seen such as the Legacy Garden headquarters we now have.

Ms. Goldi also has a radio show that airs on Blog Talk Radio through Kulturezine Network. So we also have radio airplay for WWETV Atlanta. She works in conjunction with Ra Ra Entertainment who have been a great help in getting us further along in the game with sponsoring companies such as the Georgia Spartans Professional Basketball Team.

In Los Angeles, we have Miaira Jennings who was our first correspondent doing our celebrity news and interviews for our WWETV Reports. She was very instrumental in our award winning documentary "Before The 6: Now Or Never Toronto Rappers & Hip Hop Documentary" which will air in a condensed form in Season 1 Episode 2.

She has worked with AfterBuzz TV show in the past doing reviews and is a talented woman who believe it or not works alone for our LA region. She is a one woman show out there and this is what I meant above about us needing to grow with more players to increase our the entertainment value of the show. She has done a tremendous job thus far.

In Toronto, we have Nisa Hott who has experience working at MuchMusic Television which is basically the equivalent of MTV for Canada. She use to work for Raekwon of The Wu-Tang Clan in Toronto when he headed up his label H20 Records in the city. You will see her in Episode 2 of this season in our special about our Toronto Rappers documentary.

She is currently airing her own tv show as well on Rogers television. She has been a great asset to our Toronto cast which also includes another person who works in television. Little T aka Tara Lord is another host we have for the city that also works with the Family Channel. You can catch her on We Are Saavy.

Over in the United Kingdom, we also got a great cast headed by Garry Crichton who has Raggo Zulu Rebel doing hosting duties. He also appears on radio out in London for K2K Radio. We also have DJ Illatek who appears on BBC Asian Network radio along with West Side Radio. Another correspondent we have is Marianna Zappi who appeared on Britain's Got Talent and reached into the top ten of the show.

I have no favorite host because everyone brings something unique to the table. All our personalities have their own style which gives us the ability to have diverse programming that caters to different people.

19. What can we expect this season?

You can expect the unexpected. The reason I say this is that we are constantly creating content in the fast paced world of entertainment. There is always a big celebrity news flash or some awe inspiring concert fans are willing to watch. You never know who we may interview that will speak on the current news or which artist we interview that will be the next huge star on the scene.

20. Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Our advice to aspiring artists is to use all the outlets possible to get your name and music out there. Sometimes you may overlook certain outlets believing they won't benefit you, but in actuality you could be missing out on a market that you would have never reached.

It is also important to promote yourself along with the activities you do with organizations because people like to see artists who put in the grind. The people are willing to support those who help themselves. Artists also need to support outlets that support them regardless of how you feel about certain aspects of the organization.

The reason I state this is that supporting the support systems would only make things better for all involved in the entertainment business. Help each other help each other reach the goals everyone is striving for. With that said we hope everyone will enjoy our work to help bring entertainers and entertainment to your phones, new technologies, and your tv screens. We are truly Worldwide Entertainment for your television!!

This Labor Day marks the release of the new Nu TV Network app which will be available on all phones and all devices. Nu TV Network will continue to air via its Apple TV and Roku Tv channel "The Nu TV Network" aka The Nu and they will be premiering several "Nu Exclusive" prime time series in its new fall lineup. The Nu has award winning series, festival winners, and also top web based series that have been adapted for TV. You've probably heard of their hit action series like Here's 2 The Throne and The Professional Chiller that air every #DoOrDieFriday but they also have great award winning comedies like DC Yuppies and the new comedy The Put Down. Both are Nu Exclusives that air on #WeGotJokesMondays along with the live action comedy Vigilant. The fan favorite romantic Dramas air on #AllAboutDramaTuesdays which welcomes the addition of top series like "OldHead" and "Chip Reader." Their instagram is a great place to see all of their series and also watch trailers and clips of each show. Mix in killer zombies on the "Undead Silence" horror shows on SaturdayScreams plus extreme Professional wrestling from Rock Star Pro Wrestling with Amped, this will surely become your new favorite station. Their instagram is nutvnetwork_ And their website is www.nutvnet.com Currently available on Apple TV & Roku TV as well as the soon to be released App. Get the Nu now.


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